Do you love your pet as much as you love yourself?  Safeguard your pet’s food and health with slide-n-lock. Use slide-n-lock to seal all your pet food bags to retain the taste and prevent moisture from getting into it thereby making it soggy and/or spoiling the food.  If the food is not kept properly, your […]

The kitchen can be the messiest room in the entire house – what with all the different packages half opened, different size bags, some stored in cupboards, some in the refrigerator and some lying outside.  The hazard of moisture creeping in, odor in the fridge, spillage in cupboards if not kept properly. Clips tend to […]

The smartest choice for your precious baby – slide-n-lock The new born is most precious  and yet most prone to falling prey to bacteria and other ailments if the products used for the baby are not stored well. Do you store your baby products carelessly? Keep the diapers and other baby products safe, moisture free […]

Beach – Trekking – Travelling – slide-n-lock is your ideal companion. Have you ever been concerned about keeping your money, valuables, credit card, camera, phone, etc safe while traveling on the beach or while trekking – now using a suitable bag – you can store anything and seal the bag with a slide-n-lock and be […]


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