The kitchen can be the messiest room in the entire house – what with all the different packages half opened, different size bags, some stored in cupboards, some in the refrigerator and some lying outside.  The hazard of moisture creeping in, odor in the fridge, spillage in cupboards if not kept properly. Clips tend to break, don’t prevent moisture creeping in thereby spoiling food or making it soggy.

Clips are not suitable for all kinds of bags, especially the larger ones. Slide-n-Lock is the best solution for all your kitchen problems

– seals all kinds of bags to maintain the freshness of the food, avoid moisture creeping in and lumping your coffee & tea or making your food soggy and stale.   You can even pour your liquid contents into a suitable bag and use slide-n-lock to maintain a watertight seal.

Slide-n-lock can withstand reasonably high temperatures so you can put your product directly in the microwave for defrosting.  It is however advisable to remove the slide-n-lock to avoid building up pressure in the bag.

Another novel way to use the slide-n-lock is by compartmentalizing a single large bag and removing the divisions when you are ready to mix or remove the contents one by one. (Image) – You can have dal or sauces in one, cut vegetables in another and rice in yet another and mix them when you ready to eat it.

Share with us the various uses you can think of – write back to us at – userideas@slide-n-lock.com – the best user idea can win a set of slide-n-locks for free.


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