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Slide – n – Lock helps keep food odour free and fresh.  It prevents oxygen or moisture from entering the product which in turn eliminates waste, rotting and gives a longer shelf life.

This is a sealing rod like none other.  It produces an airtight and waterproof seal.  These are tough, reusable, microwaveable, can be used to deep freeze with a lifelong guarantee, as long as it is not broken.  It is incredibly easy to use as well.  It is also a space saving device.  These are Clips for sealing bags but a better design and almost unbreakable.

It can be used for resealing opened food packets like crisps, cereals, nuts, food grains, coffee, tea, dry fruits, lunch, dinner, take away, mobile phones at the beach or swimming pools, store your money during the rains, travel, pet food and just about anything else you can think of.  Patented product from Anylock.

Slide – Seal – Store


– Locks out air & moisture, so food stays fresh longer just like a zip lock or a kitchen seal
– Ideal for tea & coffee, snacks, chip, vegetable, liquids, take away’s & picnic pack. Store Neatly while travelling.
– Temperature tolerance, from freezing (-20*c) to boiling (+110*c)
– Virtually unlimited uses around home, office or while travelling.
– Easy to clean and Re-usable
– Space saving design fits easily into kitchen drawers fridge & other spaces.
– use 2 or more slide-n-lock on one bag to keep your meals separated while travelling – mix or remove prior to use.
– Slide-n-lock can be used to reseal various pack of cereals, breads, pasta, rice, sugar, sandwich, salt, etc.

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Never before in INDIA – Unique, Innovative, Essential for EVERY HOUSEHOLD –  slide-n-lock

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